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Are you considering buying or selling an existing business or Franchise? Are you looking to earn huge profits in a small time span? If yes, you have come to the right place. Welcome to business market where you can Buy a business- Buy a Franchise - Sell a business.

Buy a business

When you are planning to start a business from scratch, it comes with variety of challenges. This is the reason why some entrepreneurs wanted to start with already established business.


  • When you are making investment into a pre-established business, you may continue with confidence that they have good income, and right tools in place to achieve your new business goals.
  • You will get experienced staff and you don't have to hire new employees.
  • There is favourable relationship with suppliers.
  • You don't have to start from scratch, while you are free to make changes to any existing business to make it more unique, powerful and successful.
  • With pre- established business, you got a direction where to go ahead to improve your business. To browse our current listings click here now.

    Buy a Franchise

    One of the important issues with new entrepreneurs is brand recognition. When you start a business it demands for lots of efforts plus effective customer database. However, it is very hard to attract customers for a new brand. It is very difficult to explain them why to choose your brand instead of others. The excellent solution is to buy a Franchise.

    Franchise has an excellent brand recognition and customer database. At the same time, efforts will be made by corporate headquarters to grow and expand their business; you just enjoy the brand value plus huge profits. However, you have to follow certain rules and conditions set out in Franchise agreement. To browse our current listings click here now.

    Sell a business

    As a business owner, there may be plenty of reasons why you want to sell your business like switching to a new business, loss of passion, retiring, or moving to a new location. Also you have to decide correct process to maximize selling opportunities. At business market, we will help you in searching out serious buyers, we are the industry leaders that offer low cost and effective advertising campaigns to entrepreneurs. The businesses we promote at business market are exposed to Australian National Market. To post a business for sale, click here now.